Mannai Corporation

celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2000 as one of the largest trading and Services Company in Qatar. From humble beginnings as an auto parts trader established by Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Mannai, the Mannai Group grew to encompass activities ranging from offshore rigs to telecommunications, with interests in many parts of the world.

A little bit about one of our brands - CADILLAC This 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood was the pride of the royal family since its arrival in Qatar. It was imported into this country in a wooden crate via Beirut, as there were no vessels delivering to Qatar at that time. It was the first Cadillac sold by Mr. Ahmed Mannai to the ex-Ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Ali Bin Abdulla Al Thani in the year 1959. Upon his sad demise, this prized possession (Fleetwood) was inherited by his son, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Ali Bin Abdulla Al Thani.

This Cadillac recalls the olden days when it was the official car of many royals, head of states, ministers and other high ranking officials, on official visits to Qatar during that period.

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